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The Cult Of Fast Fashion

Hello, my name is Monroe and I’m a fast fashionaholic. It’s been 1 month since I’ve purchased a $4.80 tank top from Forever 21 and 3 weeks since buying a sweater for $14.99 from H&M.

As we go into winter months and my closet is still brimming with flimsy tanks meant for 90 degree river trips, it’s hard to not steer my car towards the nearest mall. Plus I love a good mall pretzel in cold weather. Or any weather. Basically just cover me in nacho cheese and call it a day.

I, like most women,  avoided watching The True Cost. It sat there on Netflix, totally free and ready to be streamed. It waited patiently next to Blackfish. Things I cared about, wanted to know about but also knew would be upsetting to watch and thus started a marathon of The Great British Baking Show instead.

But I finally did watch it and the images can’t be unseen. I can’t buy a $3 tank top and know why it’s that cheap and how it got into my hands and be okay with that.

Duh. We all know that before we even watch it. But it’s very easy to avoid watching it. To fully be aware that what we’re doing is wrong but to keep doing it because it’s easy and convenient.

This chick. Oy. She does these videos all the time and she’s now “youtube famous”. Yes, I put quotes around it like a damn grandma because it’s not a real thing to me. I hate that it’s a thing. Oh and now she’s trying to be a singer. Barf. But hey, you go girl…

Pretty sure Bethany Mota doesn’t give two shits about where all her “hauls” come from or who made them. She’s even in The True Cost in a compilation clip of fashion vloggers holding up all their bags and bags of clothes. Even if you did sit her down and make her watch it, I can’t imagine she would care because now she’s in business with these companies, making perfumes and being free advertising for them.

Barf. Barf to you being irresponsible with your platform.

But hey, girl power…..

I’m trying, guys. I’m trying to be nice.

I’ve spent my entire adult life shopping at stores like Forever21 (and joking that there needs to be a Forever31) because I don’t want to grow up and pay $50 for a tank top. I didn’t want the inconvenience of having to find clothes made in the USA or by local designers. It’s a hell of a hard habit to break.

Using cruelty free products, not buying fast fashion, knowing where your food comes from, working out and eating things other than nacho cheese.  These are all adult, responsible things we should be doing. They are hard. They take more time. They make us cranky.

Do it anyway. 

Pick one. Start doing it. 

I started with cosmetics, now I’m working on my closet. I only buy nice cheese from places I know because I don’t have the strength to not occasionally bathe in nacho cheese. Someday I’ll work out again. After December….

In honor of that, all month I’ll feature different designers/small businesses that you can give your money to in good conscience. I’ve been doing a lot of research. And by research I mean I may have spent too much while cyber Monday shopping…..

But by all means, please tell me some places to shop that are ethical, don’t look like cult clothes and won’t cost me $300 for a t-shirt.

I can’t stop with the polls now. Just because you guys love turtles so much.

Wear It, Work It

I Want To Be A Real Girl


Every girl has dreamed of having Cher’s closet from Clueless. A closet that lets you see an outfit on yourself and tweak it without every having to get out of your PJs. In lieu of that, since scientists are too busy curing AIDS and growing bacon in a lab, I need a system that’s more man powered.

Am I the only one that has no go-to outfits in my closet? I rarely put together the same clothes twice. Usually this is because in retrospect I hate what I put together or I was drunk when I did so. That’s not a good sign, eh?

I’m not very a good at being a girl sometimes, in spite of my love of drag queenesque amounts of make-up and obsessive hair fuckery. Do real girls have practice nights for themselves where they try on a bunch of shit in varying ways so that they have an arsenal of cute go-to outfits?

My main source of stress on work days isn’t tackling a twelve hour shift, it’s laying in bed with gut panic over that fact that I never have any clue what I’ll be wearing that day. My desire for the snooze button always wins out over carefully picking out something that I won’t hate. Dammit.

Part of the problem could be my habit of buying whatever I like when I go to a store. Throwing things on willy nilly, never with an agenda or an idea of what will go with what I already own. I hear that real girls actually consider these things. Like, do these teal oxfords go with any thing that I currently own? No, they do not. I bought them anyway because someday  I MIGHT own something they will work with!

While I very much doubt that I’ll be motivating myself into dress rehearsals, I am loving The Polyvore Collection for gathering together a ton of inspirational outfits for me to draw from. I actually have a vague idea of what I might wear tomorrow for work. How refreshing! I spent the better part of an hour scrolling through and picked out a few favorites.



Hello summer. I want bra tops and long skirts and the balls to wear them.


And lots of shorts. Lots.


If I was even remotely classy, I would love to wear this. I’m mildly obsessed with white pants but I know I would mess them up two seconds after leaving the house.


I’m totally wearing this to work tomorrow. Except my shoes are  teal.


Love, perfect, ugh, that hat, want.

Is anyone out there a real girl who can help me have a better organized and productive closet? I need pointers!

Wear It

Winter Is Coming….uh oh, it’s already here

Guess what?

I’m not very good at fashion. I have no discernible style. I shop with no direction. I’m not even particularly sure what looks good on me. And yet, I love fashion.

I’m trying to be a more responsible shopper so that I can build a cohesive wardrobe. Instead of going into a store and bulldozing through it, snatching everything that catches my eye, I’m attempting to calmly say to myself “I need new black jeans and I would like an oversized sweater”. In order to help myself do this I started a folder on my laptop where I save photos of all the adorable outfits I find on lookbook.

This is what I want my winter to look like this year.

brown tights, button up button up chunky shoe cozy purple dress rings and booties shorts and tights skirt and sweater slouchy