Shallow End

Shallow End: A Weekly VanityHag Grab bag


It’s Monday! It’s my Friday! I’m happy enough to use multiple exclamations marks! I have three and a half days off coming up. Just imagine what I can accomplish with all that time. What will I actually accomplish? Hangovers. Most likely.

Grab bag time!

* Whenever I want to feel horrible about myself, I look at Gwen Stefani and how she’s hotter now than she was at age 24. I don’t know who she sold her soul to or if she’s a vampire. Perhaps she just bathes in the blood of all those Gwenabes from the 90’s. Now I feel even more horrible after looking at this list of celebrities that never age.

Scotland’s pony fashion. Pure magic.


* If you haven’t been to ModCloth yet, now is the time. All of their lace dress are adorable for Valentine’s day and surprisingly affordable.

* “Dress like a bougie peasant”…with your boobs out. Couture fashion cracks me up.

* I’ve had a girl crush on Jenny Lewis forever. This article totally reinvigorated my love for her and put Rilo Kiley back on my stereo. She’s just so cute!


* Where is my plane ticket to Dubai?? And who is paying for me to stay here? Underwater hotel!! So much opportunity for disaster and shark nightmares!


Pretty girls making ugly faces. Nuff said.

* I don’t want to be the type of person that has a rhinestone peacock phone case. But the truth is I want one. Now.