Shallow End

The Shallow End: A Weekly Vanity Hag Grab Bag


Good morning! It’s a dreary Monday here in the northwest but since it’s my Friday, I’m one happy camper. This weekend I taught my mom about twerking and that focusing her energies on Kim Kardashian’s love life is a complete waste of her brain power. So productive! On my days off I plan to blog, bake and nap. So productive!

It’s time for grab bag to make it’s triumphant return!

*We have a new body scrub at my spa that’s made with vodka. Seems like a waste of perfectly good booze, eh? Much to my surprise, there’s all sorts of DIY beauty treatments involving booze. Try a champagne toner or some vodka mouthwash! Or just go to brunch and get hammered like a normal person.


* Check out these creepy/gorgeous Elvish Twine rings. I’m in love with them!

* I’m not one for all this crazy manicure hullabaloo but this simple and sleek paint job appeals to my goth tendencies and my laziness.

ZOMBIE ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS!!! Need I say more? These people rule and I want them to be my friends.


* There’s nothing I love more than urban decay. Especially amusement parks. Okay, I love happy hour way more. But happy hour and then exploring possibly haunted abandoned buildings? Yes please!

* I’m not sure why anyone is surprised by the real ages of Disney princesses. identities-4

These before and after photos are both depressing and amazing. Give me one of Joan Rivers.

*The rest of the world seems to have a better sense of humor than we do. These extra large condom ads made me giggle. And barf.

* This grandma has been making the rounds but if you haven’t seen her yet, now is the time. I want to be her when I’m old.


* The corgi cat and and 29 other things that will make you incredibly happy. Thank god for the internet.