Shallow End

The Shallow End


The Shallow End is supposed to be a weekly grab bag of all the shit I find while dicking around on the internet. It’s a testament to my extreme laziness that even posting once a week seems like too much to bear. Seriously, this goes back to working three days a week and still not finding the time to blog. I’m busy all the damn time right now. WTF? Maybe I can write ten posts today to make up for it.


* I’ve been winging my eyeliner since I was 16 and will probably continue to do so until my eyes become crepey, drooping sockets of flesh. That’s a nice visual. Good job, Monroe. A lot of girls find it really difficult though. So here’s a simple tutorial. Practice, practice, practice.


* Speaking of horrifying visuals, how about couples vacuum sealed inside of bags? Because why not? Flesh Love might just inspire your engagement photos.

* It’s always a bummer finding out that celebrities that like are scientologists.


Style tips from fabulous senior citizens, each who possesses more sass and bad assery than I can ever hope to achieve.


* To quote that tiny human Rachel Zoe, I die for these pictures of Johnny and Winona. Buzzfeed gives us 21 reasons they never should have broken up. Seriously. I die.

* My boyfriend has always harbored aspirations of train hopping. Yup, he’s a big dreamer. I find it fascinating but I’ve met too many one legged train hoppers with tales of drunken nights on the tracks resulting in loss of limb. Okay maybe I know one. But still. I’ll just enjoy the life by looking at these awesome pictures of train hopping teens.

* You know what’s creepy and has nothing to do with fashion? Photographs of death row inmates last meals.

glamping hero1

* Did you know there’s a website for glamping?? Do you even know what glamping is? Well for goodness sake you better learn.

Alright, alright…I’m off to write about Cindy Crawford’s melting face.