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Buy This: Julie K Lingerie

What could possibly be better than a beautiful redheaded woman hand making lingerie in her Scottish hometown while her adorable dogs lounge near her? Paint me a more enjoyable picture. You cannot. Unless you add whiskey.


Julie K Lingerie is hand sewn by one lady and one lady only. So in the midst of all this where can I find ethical clothing hullabaloo, she is the perfect person to spotlight. Not only can you have affordable, gorgeous lingerie, you can buy it safely cocooned in the knowledge that no one has suffered for the lacy pretty things that now cover your bits.

I’ve been following Julie for years on social media. It’s been amazing to watch her talent and her business grow. It certainly doesn’t hurt that both her and the friends she uses as models are stunning women with a refreshing variety of body types. I highly recommend following her on Instagram where she re-grams photos of her real customers wearing her creations.

My absolute favorite is the Cristina Bra. Named for the breathtaking Cristina Blackwater (Gogo), it’s simple, delicate and has matching panties to boot.




Everything is custom made and there are limited amounts of some fabrics. It’s a good idea to follow the IG so you can be kept up to date on what’s available.

The price point is so amazing for hand made lingerie! Pieces ranges from about $40-60.


If that doesn’t convince you then perhaps you need to look at this:


Dreamy undies and puppies. There is nothing better, people. Nothing. Now go forth and order some magic for yourself. Then pat yourself on your fine lingerie clad ass for supporting a small business.

Girl Crush

Classy VS Edgy…Bear VS Shark

Let’s talk about my complete lack of class for a moment. If 15 year old me had been a chola but still went to all the same skate/punk shows and had access to more expensive make-up, that is what I dress like now.

The other night I promised myself that I was going to push my fashion boundaries by dressing somewhat close to my age. I bought a white silk tank and had the intention of wearing it with my new black jeggings (I loathe that word so hard that it hurts my ovaries somehow) and some knock off Jeffrey Campbells (I’ll get into that in the next post). I put the outfit on and was impressed at my elongated form in the chunky donkey boots. Yes, donkey boots. But as I pranced and preened in front of my mirror while Justin Timberlake squealed about summer love on Pandora, I couldn’t help feeling like I was dressed up like someone else. Some parallel universe Monroe that had gone to college and who regularly has dental check ups.

I left the house that night with these things on my body:sock bun (because I’m obsessed now that I have hair long enough to do it. I’ve been rolling around like a deranged ballerina for weeks), extra large gold hoop earrings, an AC/DC muscle tee, a mustard yellow mini skirt and dark brown Frye motorcycle boot knock offs.

Not classy.

Imagine my surprise when I picked up my lovely lady Kaitlin and she immediately began grumbling about how she looks classy no matter how hard she tries to look edgy. And it’s true. Look at her…


To me she always exudes an effortless class but with a little quirky Zooey Deschanel thrown in there. I’ve always been envious of her ability to be dressed up all the time but to make it seem casual. Next to her I am a mismatched mess who wears whorish eye make-up. That’s why we make a great pair.

So perhaps I should stop fighting my sloppy 15 year old style. And Kaitlin should embrace her classiness and just wear raunchy underwear to satisfy her need to be edgy.

Or perhaps we can give each other lessons.